Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time (READINGS)

Being overwhelmed is central to each reading. One definition was to be buried or to drown beneath a huge mass of something. Another, more in keeping with St. Paul is to have a strong emotional effect on i.e., the Love of Christ that Paul experienced strongly affected him. Other translations include the Love of Christ compels us!

So, for Job who questioned whether God was just has a ton of bricks fall on him. God’s rebuke was overwhelming. As a creation of God, he was put in his place and reminded of the truth that convicted him of arrogance and…

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (READINGS)

The Gospel for today, Mark 4:26–34, features two of Jesus’ parables concerning what the “Kingdom of God” is “like.” Although complimentary, it is radically different to Matthew’s understanding of the kingdom of heaven. This kingdom, for Matthew, is the hidden treasure not of this world but elusively draws us along the path of discipleship, until we eventually become like what we are seeking and attain our treasure. This whole of life journey is realised at its end and when we die we are finally, hopefully, judged worthy of heaven. …

The (Draft) Rule of

The Private Association of the

Children of the Cross

Contents — Forward / The Rule of Children of the Cross / References


Below is a first draft of the private association Children of the Cross. In 2004 I incorporated an association by the same name. That association and its objectives were abandoned in 2007 when I left for Italy for the second time to study at Beda College.

The original incorporated association was directed to good works among the marginalised and destitute in Perth. The new private association that I envision offers a spiritualty that is…

Fresco at Osogovo Monastery The inscription reads “All kings and nations bow before the Antichrist.”

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time READINGS

Last week a central theme (homily here) was of a “religious deception [that] offer[s us] an apparent solution to [our] problems at the price of apostasy from the truth” (675). This sort of compromised solution can be innocent such as our being silent about contraception, going to Mass on Sunday’s, abortion, or not speaking the truth that a homosexual lifestyle is wrong. Although not meaning to be deceptive, our compromising the truth dulls our faith, watering it down and is the ‘slow’ road towards apostasy.

The Catechism spells out the root of compromised faith. Speaking of the false understanding of…

Utopia: photo by pxfuel

From the Conclusion: “… as Pope Francis’ vision of communion is deemed not require the fruit of the Lord’s redeeming Sacrifice, perpetuated through time — the Sacrifice that is truly propitiatory and necessary for humanities ongoing reconciliation with God — my guess is that the Sacrifice is to be abolished. In time, perhaps, we will all just share bread.”

The encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” (FT) explores the universal scope of fraternal love addressed to every man and woman in today’s closed and intolerant world. Only an openness of heart can transcend differences of origin, nationality, colour, or religion (FT 3).


First, the Law:

Can. 299 §1 By private agreement among themselves, Christ’s faithful have the right to constitute associations for the purposes mentioned in can. 298 §1, without prejudice to the provisions of can. 301 §1.

§2 Associations of this kind, even though they may be praised or commended by ecclesiastical authority, are called private associations.

§3 No private association of Christ’s faithful is recognised in the Church unless its statutes have been reviewed by the competent authority.

Can. 300 No association may call itself ‘catholic’ except with the consent of the competent ecclesiastical authority, in accordance with can. 312.

Can. 301 §1…


From New Jersey in the US, I got a sad e-mail from my friend Rafael Villongco, who once had worked with the late June Keithley in promoting the messages of Marian apparitions worldwide, informing me of the death of his close friend, Brazilian mystic Edson Glauber after a brief terminal illness.

I thus ask readers to say even just a brief prayer for the repose of the soul of Edson. …

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (READINGS)

“My grace is enough for you: my power is at its best in weakness.” This is so as we are relying on God when we are weak and overwhelmed and not ourselves! Today, also we heard Jesus say to the people of His hometown: “A prophet is only despised in his own country among his own relations and in his own house.” And because they rejected Him He wasn’t able to perform any miracles, apart from curing a few sick people, because of their lack of faith. What a contrast between those with no faith and no miracles and St…

Fri Jun 25, 2021

On June 24, 1981, at about 6pm, six young parishioners from Medjugorje: Ivanka Ivankovic, Mirjana Dragicevic, Vicka Ivankovic, Ivan Dragicevic, Ivan Ivankovic and Milka Pavlovic, saw on the hill Crnica (on the place called Podbrdo) an apparition, a white form with a child in her arms. Surprised and scared, they did not approach.

The next day at the same time, June 25, 1981, four of them, Ivanka Ivankovic, Mirjana Dragicevic, Vicka Ivankovic and Ivan Dragicevic, felt strongly drawn towards the place where, the day before, they saw the One who they had recognised as Our Lady…



Do not be dismayed when I inform you that some of you may be victims of enchantment, your mind veiled in deceit, the path that you may now be on, may not be the one you intended, slowly and methodically, without you realizing your enslavement to the technologies of this present day.

Yet, the devil has found ways to steal away from Me the minutes, hours, and days, that were intended for you to pray, worship and praise your Creator, thus you may have given to these idols what rightfully belongs to Me, that…

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