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All: My Lord, Jesus Christ, You have made this journey to die for me with unspeakable love; and I have so many times ungratefully abandoned You. But now I love You with all my heart, and, because I love You, I am sincerely sorry for ever having offended You. Pardon me, my God, and permit me to accompany You on this journey. You go to die for love of me; I want, my beloved Redeemer, to die for love of You. My Jesus, I will live and die always united to You.

The First Station: Pilate Condemns Jesus to Die

Leader: We adore you, O Christ, and praise…

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Reflection: Wednesday of the 2nd week of Lent

Instead of participating in the mystery of our Salvation through our following Jesus, we may claim to be the Lord’s disciple for other motivations.

In today’s Gospel we understand that people may be following Jesus in search of validation, and as a way of seeing oneself as special. Yes, look at the Cross and realise how special you are — but you are no more special to Jesus than any other disciple!

The point here is that some people have a give and take relationship with Jesus. They want Him to give so that they may take. This may translate…

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San Rocco — Giovanni Antonio Fumiani — Christ cleansing the Temple

Third Sunday of Lent (READINGS)

How do we react to these readings?

The first two are presented to us in a way that we can indignantly say: Yes, yes, we know that Jesus’ way of divine Love is the fullness of the Law and we know that Jesus is the wisdom of God. Particularly after hearing the letter to the Corinthians we could be outraged and think to ourselves that those people who reject Jesus are but fools! Don’t you know that God’s foolishness is superior to human wisdom? Did you say such things in your heart — hopefully not!

Anyway, whether we were engaged…

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Christ Pantokrator, Cathedral of Cefalù, Sicily

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (READINGS)

In the Gospel we hear that “the people were astonished at Jesus’ teaching, for He taught them as one having authority” even over demonic spirits. Truly, as the demons knew, He is the Holy One of God. The question is: Do we know what makes Jesus special and do we understand the significance of Jesus for all people?

We need to know who Jesus is for us and for all people because our faith is being deliberately undermined. For example, the feast of the Epiphany celebrates the wise men of another faith finding the Christ child whom the Father sent…

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Utopia: photo by pxfuel

From the Conclusion: “… as Pope Francis’ vision of communion is deemed not require the fruit of the Lord’s redeeming Sacrifice, perpetuated through time — the Sacrifice that is truly propitiatory and necessary for humanities ongoing reconciliation with God — my guess is that the Sacrifice is to be abolished. In time, perhaps, we will all just share bread.”

The encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” (FT) explores the universal scope of fraternal love addressed to every man and woman in today’s closed and intolerant world. Only an openness of heart can transcend differences of origin, nationality, colour, or religion (FT 3).


There is a new book out in Italy about Pope Benedict XVI. It is entitled, “Pietro Dove Sei?” — “Peter, Where are you?” It is written by Sicilian priest, Don Alessandro Maria Minutella.

The subtitle is: “Dossier sulla situazione attuale nella Chiesa Cattolica” — “The Actual Situation in the Catholic Church.”

For those who want to ignore this situation and not confront it, there must arise cognitive dissonance as the underlying tension between traditional Magisterial teaching and the current crisis of Truth is hidden and ignored.

In today’s Church we must appeal to Christ, and not the ideal of brotherhood…

By Aldo Maria Valli

Rome is without a pope. The thesis that I intend to support can be summarized in these five words. When I say Rome, I am not referring only to the city of which the pope is the bishop. When I say Rome, I mean the world; I mean the present reality.

The pope, although physically present, in reality is not there, because he does not do what the pope does. He is there, but he does not perform his duty as successor of Peter and vicar of Christ. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is there; Peter is not.

Dear brothers and sisters, in considering whether to take a COVID vaccine a person must carefully weigh and consider the moral implications of that act. In the first instance, be aware:

“Life and physical health are precious gifts entrusted to us by God. We must take reasonable care of them, taking into account the needs of others and the common good” (CCC, 2228). However, “if morality requires respect for the life of the body, it does not make it an absolute value” (CCC, 2289).

Of course, eternal life is what we value above all else. Let us listen to the…

If someone wishes to love himself he must not allow himself to be corrupted by indulging his sinful nature. If he wishes to resist the promptings of his sinful nature he must enlarge the whole horizon of his love to contemplate the loving gentleness of the humanity of the Lord. Further, if he wishes to savour the joy of brotherly love with greater perfection and delight, he must extend even to his enemies the embrace of true love.

Full reading from the Mirror of Love by Saint Aelred, abbot

The perfection of brotherly love lies in the love of one’s…

DING CERVANTES February 21, 2021

THE prophesied Warning in Garabandal, Spain in the 1960s is not new. Mystics and saints who had lived some 500 years ago had dwelt on it, but it was in Garabandal, Spain, during the Marian apparitions that no less than the Blessed Mother intimated it is to happen in our times. Thus, the mounting theories on when. (Before I go on, I must clarify a typo error in my last column wherein I wrote that many Garabandal followers theorize that the Warning would likely happen any year up to 2016. Apologies for senior moments again…

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